6122 W. Pierson Rd
Flushing MI

Ignite Bootcamp

Ignite Bootcamp is a 45 minute high intensity, heart pumping, sweat pouring training program. We’ve taken our 10 years of experience and created a phenomenal combination of body weight and cardio movements, paired them with light strength training. To create a full body workout aimed to burn those calories and increase lean muscle mass. There are no barbells or complex exercises here. So this class is ideal for the newcomer, but still intense enough for a seasoned athlete to get a great challenge.


Monday: 6am and 7pm
Tuesday: 5am and 7pm
Wednesday: 6am and 7pm
Thursday: 5am and 6pm
Friday: 6am
Saturday: 7am

Membership Options

Introductory pricing (valid Jan 1 thru Mar 1 2020)
Monthly unlimited classes: $79/mth
3 Months prepaid: $209
*Joining during introductory period locks you into that rate for all of 2020.
Drop in visit punch cards will be available @ 10 classes for $100

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